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There is little doubt that the big thing in porn these days is watching live sex. This is done via web cam sites and offers both the cammer (usually a girl but sometimes a couple) a way of interacting with their viewers. Now the guys who watch this sort of thing absolutely love this. It makes the action more real and the fact that they have the opportunity to get involved and join in makes it all the more exciting for them!

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When it comes to couples sex toys you can really be as wild as you imagination as to where this can lead you. The choices are massive and the experiences so varied that the world really is your oyster. The reality is that any sex toy can be a couples sex toy if a couple uses it! From a guy fucking his lady with a vibrator to a girl stimulating her man with a pocket pussy, if a couple use them, they are a couples sex toy.

But there are some sex toys that are designed to be used by a couple for both to be stimulated by them at the same time. First of all we can consider the humble cock ring. Now these are things that surprisingly enough fit over a guys cock and can be used to maintain or enhance an erection, but when you add a vibration function that stimulates the ladies clit you have a real couples experience.

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